Máy hút dịch, hút dẫn lưu
DF-650A hút phẫu thuật


    • The instrument is installed with one moving detachable square tray to put appliances and hold suction's consuming parts.
    • The suction bottle is made of PC, can resist hit and high temperature & pressure disinfection. But any chemicals such as antiseptic solution, cleaner, etc. can't be put in the bottle to avoid bottle breaking.
    • Volume of suction bottle is 6000c.c. Two bottles are connected. When one bottle is filled with water, water will automatically flow into the other bottle.
    • To secure this unit, there are two automatic full water stop devices installed.
    • One filter is installed between the suction bottle and the unit. When it's polluted, please immediately replace it.
    • The instrument can be pushed, pulled or turned at original place for easy movement. Front two casters are installed with locking brakes.
    • Application: Surgical

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