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DF-700 tai-mũi-họng

  • The whole unit is made by the stainless steel plate (#304) which is imported from Japan. It features good looking, non reflection, non refraction, easy maintenance and eternal rust proof.

  • Adopt the separating twin motor and twin pump design. Suction and spray can function simultaneously.

  • Vacuum pump and compression pump using oil-less design, so it features with low noise, non-pollution and free maintenance.

  • The spray gun features tiny drop and good effect. The end of spray head is made by stainless steel, so it's not eroded and damaged by medicine and easily cleaned and maintained.

  • The light of halogen quartz lamp can be gathered and adjusted. The special snake type light hose can be adjusted at any angle.

  • The transparent acrylic dust protective cover on the top can protect the spray gun and suction adaptor, so the unit and medicine can't be polluted resulting in dirt.

  • DF-700 is the ideal model for the otolaryngological department or clinics.

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